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Alaska is the undisputed capital of the world of giant halibut with frequent fish in the 100, 200 and even over 300 pound class!  Alaskan halibut are also the finest tasting in the world while halibut from Russia and Japan being slightly more oily as well as smaller in average sizes.

There are fishing guides all over the state of Alaska, but few who specialize and even fewer who consistently produce the true "Barn Door Halibut" for their charter boat fishermen.

Very often, you will begin by catching 20 plus pound salmon, and then use the leftovers (after filleting your catch) as bait for these giant halibut just like Native American fishermen over the millennia.

Captain Steve is a professional charter boat sport fishing guide who knows exactly when and where to go; his boats are equipped with the exact fishing gear needed for these monster fish.

Don't get caught on the wrong boat.

We know who is right for you if you are looking for just a day of fishing at any one location, or a week-long stay at a full service lodge with their own fishing boats and secret fishing holes that produce barn door sized halibut for their exclusive clientele!

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Barn Door Halibut Fishing

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You can still catch a bunch of monster fish in Alaska.

































        * If you are visiting northern California, you can catch halibut that are a little bit smaller... but still great fun to catch! See:

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         - You can also have fun on a boat ride or private charter for the US Navy's Fleet Week & Blue Angels Air Show on San Francisco Bay:




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